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Meet the team.

Zach Green

Zach created Zach Green Films in 2014.  He got his degree in wildlife biology, and the beauty he encountered in the National Parks of California led him to buy his first digital camera and start shooting.  In 2013, he made the decision to pursue video as a career and began making films full-time. Since then, his abilities and interests as a filmmaker have been maturing and expanding.  Zach is the main point of contact for business inquiries, and a project lead shooter and editor for many projects.  

Tyler Lovejoy

Tyler Lovejoy holds many behind-the-scenes jobs within Zach Green Films. He is an animator, a graphic designer, library and video database manager, as well as video and audio editor. Although clients may never see him, he has a role in most projects that go through Zach Green Films. He has been with the company in some capacity since the summer of 2015, being the company’s first employee other than Zach himself.  He is also attending Fresno State, working toward a degree in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Digital Animation & New Media.

Connect with us.

Zach Green Films | (559) 280-5821

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